Thursday, April 14, 2022

School Library Journal Review: Hustle Bustle Bugs

From the prestigious reviewers at the SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL... 

"It’s a challenge to write an informational book in rhyme without the word choices seeming forced, but this one succeeds. With text that flows naturally; it begs to be read aloud. The rhyming phrases are accompanied by companion facts that appear as scraps of paper taped onto the pages. While there are many other insect books, this one employs a distinct concept. The work of each of the bugs being considered is compared to different jobs humans may have. Many of the connections are especially inventive and surprising. Bailey writes “rain or shine, sleet or snow, it’s one big bug world on the go!” In this way, she shows that they are like postal workers who do their work in all kinds of weather. She compares fireflies to park rangers, as both send out protective warnings. Excellent for vocabulary building, a lot of strong words, such as chomp, chew, croon, dance, trek and trap, stand out in contrasting colors. Eldridge has constructed scenes using real environmental materials like sticks, leaves, and dirt, employing a variety of craft materials to sculpt the bugs and the two inquisitive characters. Back matter includes additional fun facts. VERDICT A worthwhile purchase for collection seeking to expand their insect resources or informational books in rhyme."

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