Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conference Wrap Up

Let me start by saying - no - I am not dead. I did not perish under a pile of rejection letters (three more this month, yippee!!), nor did I suffer a fatal papercut while reading my daughter's High Five magazines. I was, in fact, at Disney. And then I was sick. And then I had houseguests. Twice. But all is (mostly) calm now and so I'll make my last post about the Miami Conference. I shall call it "Books I am going to check out at the library because they look awesome and I want to study them."

Throughout the conference presenters hoisted various picture books in the air to illustrate points about musicality, plot, character, and so on. Here are the top three titles that caught my little eye:

I also want to take a minute and say THANK YOU to my new followers. I'll be sure to post lots of fresh content for your browsing delight! And feel free to share links to your blogs and websites so that I can promote them here.