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Searchable Publisher Database

This website lists children's books publishing companies, including editor contact information. It is organized alphabetically.

And here is another similar listing of childrens book publishers:

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have sad news friends, I just received an email from Stories for Children's Virgina Grenier, and she explained that "As of September 1, 2012, SFC Publishing, LLC will be closing the doors to future issues of Stories for Children Magazine. We had hoped for a gradual process of retiring Stories for Children Magazine, however reasons beyond our control have caused us to close sooner than expected. Our online community and website will stay active with Featured Guest interviews from new and unknown authors/illustrators; along with sharing a past title from one of our issues on the site each month. We also plan on producing a few anthologies from the best titles of Stories for Children Magazine in coming months/years and announcing Granny Award Winners from our past volume years.
The final issue, Stories for Children 2012 Back-to-School Vol. 5 Issue 3, will be published in September 2012."

What a shame. This publication was a great source for children and adults. I actually had a poem accepted for their 2012 Back-to-School issue and felt so honored.

Holy Cheese Balls!

I made the Institute of Children’s Literature's newsletter. The ICL offers a premier writing course (seriously, like everyone has taken this course), books, and a newsletter to adults interested in learning how to write and be published for children and teens. So this is awesome. Totally awesome.

If you haven't already, check'em out:

Thank you fabulous writing friend Jayne for letting me know. And thank you, thank you ICL!!!

G'Day Mate!

I had the good fortune to critique an Australian writer's manuscript, and it made me want to throw another shrimp on the barbie. Well, not really. It did make me think of Five Mile Press, and Australian publisher that produces wonderful childen's books. Their submissions guidelines can be found here:

Want more thunder from down under (hee hee)? Try Allen & Unwin, Australia's leading independent publisher. They publish around 250 new titles each year including books for children and young adults.

As with all my other posts, please feel free to suggest additions. And if you want more awesome Aussie slang language, go here:

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Got a book about the beach?

Or New Jersey? Check out Down The Shore, an independent publisher specializing in beach and coastal subjects, New Jersey, and the Jersey Shore. By the way, it took a lot of restraint not to post a picture of Snooki - you Jersey Shore people know what I'm talking about.

And off they go...

... my little poems, into the big bad world. I submitted a few things today to the magazine market. Fingers crossed!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little Bit of Asia...

... in Vermont. Sounds kinda weird, but there you have it.

The Tuttle Publishing Company was established in 1948 in Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo, Japan, and has been a leading publisher of books on Asia since that time. Their catalog includes several childrens books.

Submission information:

New MG / YA Publisher!!!

Jolly Fish Press, a publishing house based in Provo, Utah, opened its doors for submissions in October 2011. They only accept email submissions. While they do not accept picture book manuscripts (drat!!), they do accept literary fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, horror, thriller, children's literature, YA, trade fiction.

For more information, see:

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Regional National Publishers

Does that title make any sense? Probably not. Basically this list includes national companies that print - among other things - regional / local interest books. There. Now does it make sense?

Regional Publishers by Area






Lists, Glorious (regional) Lists!

I was not able to find a publisher of regional children's book in every state (hey - nobody's perfect), so I complied two more lists of regional publishers.

The first includes regional publishers by area, like northeast, southwest, etc. The second includes national publishers that produce regional books. They are in separate posts.

And please post a comment if you see a glaring omission - the more links, the better!

New York Publishers

Sisu Books
Sisu Books is a small press with a focus on regional authors based out of Sparrowbush, New York.

Nebraska Publishers

Field Mouse Productions
This publisher creates nonfiction books to celebrate Nebraska's rich heritage and history.

See also:

Ohio Publisher

Gray & Company, Publishers
This company publishes books, including childrens books, about Cleveland, Northeast Ohio or Ohio.

Delaware Publisher

Cherokee Books
This small press publisher creates regional books and offers a children's division.

Idaho Publishers

Backeddy Books
Backeddy Books is a small regional publisher printing nonfiction titles, largely about Idaho.

See also:

Kansas Publishers

KS Publishing
KS Publishing, Inc. is based in Manhattan, Kansas.  Our goal is to publish worthwhile books that might not otherwise be published.

Minnesota Publishers

Okay, I didn't have much luck finding a publisher in Minnesota that produces regional children's books, BUT check this out:

I also had trouble finding a cool Minnesota image - so I just posted a picture of a cute guy instead. My Minnesota category is kind of sucky. Sorry Minnesota.

Tennessee Publisher

Turner Publishing
Turner publishes books in a wide range of categories and formats—fiction and non-fiction, regional and national. Their published works include childrens and local interest books.

Pennsylvania Publishers

Pennsylvania Publisher List
This list includes descriptions and contact details for selected Pennsylvania publishers.

Indiana Publishers

Hawthorne Publishing
This company publishes books in two categories (1) cultural History: Indiana and beyond, and (2) Winds of Change: Religious books relating to the Christian Science faith

Indiana History Press
IHS Press prints a youth biography series about the life stories of pivotal Indiana figures. They also publish historical fiction for grades four through eight.

North Carolina Publisher

Carolina Wren Press
This nonprofit organization publishes children’s literature and offers writing contests. They have special interest in recruiting authors of promise, including new authors, authors of color, women authors, and gay/lesbian authors.

See also:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wisconsin Publisher

Wisconsin Historical Society Press
The Wisconsin Historical Society Press, Wisconsin's first publisher, publishes widely in the history and biography of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. They publish young readers.

Missouri Publishers

Virginia Publishing
Virginia Publishing Company specializes in books focusing on St. Louis’ unique history, people and places. With titles covering everything from ghost stories and lost caves to high school memories and the 1904 World’s Fair, Virginia Publishing publishes local books by local authors

See also:

Wyoming Publisher

High Plains Press
High Plains Press is a regional book publishing company specializing in books about the West, with special interest in Wyoming. Though their website says they don't publish children's material, there is one children's book in their catalog.

Yea, I'm kinda reaching here …

Texas Publisher

Bright Sky Press
In collaboration with our authors, we use the highest editorial and design standards to create books that preserve our history, celebrate our unique culture and articulate our collective concerns.

South Carolina Publisher

Sandlapper Publishing
Sandlapper Publishing Company is a regional, independent publisher and distributor of books about the South, primarily South Carolina.

Hawaiian Publishers

Hawaiian Book Publishers Association
Lists contact details and descriptions for several Hawaii based publishers.

Utah Publisher 
Cedar Fort Publishing
This publisher focuses on the LDS fath. Their children's books must have strong religious or moral values.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Jersey Publisher

Plexus Publishing
In addition to being a regional publisher, Plexus also publishes titles in the field of biology and ecology.

Iowa Publisher

Ice Cube Press, Tall Corn Imprint
A scholarly or creative focus on the culture of Iowa, the Tall Corn State, and surrounding corn country.

South Dakota Publisher

South Dakota State Historical Society Press
Detailed children's book submission guidelines are available under the "contact" link.

Florida Publishers

Pineapple Press
We publish a few literary novels and children's books about Florida.

Great Outdoors Publishing
Great Outdoors Publishing Company is an independent book publisher & wholesaler specializing in regional books about Florida wildlife, nature & history.

Massachusetts Publisher

Applewood Books
This publisher's mission is to build a picture of America through its primary sources. In 2010, Applewood Books purchased Commonwealth Editions, a New England regional publisher. Applewood Books also distributes the books of History Compass and Back Bay Press.

Montana Publisher

Riverbend Publishing
This publisher produces books about Montana and the Rocky Mountains, including children's books.

Vermont Publisher

Nomad Press
Nomad Press publish several children's nonfiction series. They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts but will respond to queries.

Alabama Publisher

New South, Inc.
NewSouth is home to the book publishing imprints NewSouth Books and Junebug Books. Though currently closed for picture book submissions, they are reading young adult fiction and nonfiction.

Oregon Publisher

Beyond Words
At Beyond Words, we’re looking for cutting-edge nonfiction books in the genre of Body, Mind & Spirit. We ARE accepting submissions in Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult nonfiction.

Kentucky Publisher

McClanahan Publishing House, Inc.
We publish books on cooking, dining, travel, history, sports, gardening, ghosts, and humor plus children's books.

Michigan Publishers

Sleeping Bear Press
As a small regional publisher based in Chelsea, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Press has impressed young readers, parents, teachers and booksellers with high-quality, beautifully illustrated picture books. Currently closed to submissions.

North Country Publishing
North Country Publishing was created in 1994 to develop and publish quality books about the north country -- specifically the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan

* art by Jef Murray

Louisiana Publisher

Pelican Publishing Company
Pelican Publishing Company has a backlist of over 2,500 titles and 50-60 new titles produced yearly. As a general trade publisher, Pelican produces Christmas books, children’s books, and a growing number of social commentary, history, and fiction titles.

Alaska Publishers

McRoy & Blackburn
M & B is a small family business dedicated to publishing worthy books with a northern flavor, by authors who write stories that are often half a bubble off plumb. They are Alaskans in spirit or by residence.

Epicenter Press
Since its founding in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1988, Epicenter has become the largest publisher of books about Alaska. Topics include: history, memoirs and biographies, adventure, aviation, humor, true crime, mystery and the unexplained, sled dog mushing, women's stories, and Native American culture.

Maine Publishers

Tilbury House
Tilbury House publishes children's picture books about cultural diversity, social justice, nature, and the environment. In response to praise from teachers for our books, we began to develop teacher's guides for some of our titles, and now offer a "Teachers Take Note" section on this website.

Down East Books
Down East Books does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, BUT they will respond to (preferably emailed) queries. Queries must be no longer than one page long and contain a short description of your project and a little bit about you. 

North Country Press
North Country Press is an independent publisher located in central Maine and publishing since 1976.  Our goal is a simple one:  to publish high quality books for people who love New England.

Regional Publishers by State

Since getting back into the swing of things, I've become active (okay, fine, obsessed) with the Verla Kay message boards. I've even swapped a few critiques - a sort of "you show me yours..." kind of deal. One of these wonderful writers explored a Hawaiian theme in her book, which got me thinking about regional publishers. There are a ton of fabulous local publishers out there, and I've decided to hunt'em down. I'll post my results state by state, and I'll conclude with a links lists for larger areas like New England and the Southeast. It's just what us nerds do.

GAP Submissions Closing Date

Just a HEADS UP!!! that submissions for Guardian Angel Publishing will close on September 1, 2012. Submission guidelines can be found here:
They only accept emails, so save those stamps and remember to spell check!

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Sidebar: Babies

I had good intentions about keeping this blog updated. I also had a baby - which decimated the aforementioned good intentions. Oh well. Hopefully now that things have calmed down a bit I can get back to writing and blogging and trying to rhyme things with booger. Ah yes, the fun fun life of a children's author.