Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big News

I just read that Reading Rainbow is making a come back thanks to Kickstarter funding. 
I was all, like, "Not even" and then the internet was all, like, "Even." 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ocean Commotion

This past Saturday I watched Janeen Mason, a talented children's author and illustrator, speak at our local Elliott Museum. She did an amazing job engaging the audience and sharing her passion for our oceans. Now I'm all jazzed up to do my own author presentations! I used to do a lot of public speaking in my old profession, and I miss that energy and excitement. 

Afterwards, Janeen invited everyone to paint a fish in the museum's art studio as part of her ongoing efforts to keep our rivers clean. You can learn more about Janeen's work here:  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by fellow blogger, Lauri Meyers. Thank you Lauri! You are both sweet and funny (I can prove it - look here: To play I must list ten interesting things about myself which will be easy since I am so fascinating.   

(1) I like donuts past the point of reason. 

(2) I lived on a sailboat in Greece, and in a converted chicken coop in Canterbury. 

(3) I am terrible at math BUT I do like the number two.  

(4) I was in one real plane crash and another almost-plane crash.

(5) Donuts.

(6) I was an intern at Cartoon Network. 

(7) I have an older sister who - until recently - was always taller than me but, in our thirties, I have grown taller than her by like, half an inch. We are really short (under 5') so this is a big deal. I'm pretty sure she's shrinking. Or else I unknowingly ate magic beans.  

(8) 87% of my parenting is folding laundry.  

(9) I was stung by a wasp during the bar exam.**

(2) I ran two half marathons which means, based on math, I have run seven full marathons. 

And now, I must also nominate some other bloggers for this award who will list ten interesting things about themselves, nominate others, and so on. I believe scientists call this the "Cycle of Life" or, more commonly, the "Flux Capacitor."

Josh Funk:
Amy Dixon:
Jaimie Engle:
Anna Staniszewski:
Dani Duck:

** I passed so, you know, nice try wasp. Nice try. 

The High Life

I am attending a Highlights Foundation workshop at the end of this summer. The Staff bios are amazing and I can't wait. I will be staying in one of these cabins - cute, right? And I hear Pennsylvania doesn't have any spiders, so that's good. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I received more images of my book Mind Your Monsters (like the whole thing, and every. single. image. is perfection). I have thus declared today CELEBRATION DAY. I shall begin by looking at pictures of cats on the internet.