Saturday, June 25, 2016

Picture Book Pairings

In light of Barnes and Noble’s recent decision to serve alcohol in its stores, I created a list of wine and picture book pairings. And by “wine” I mean any alcohol really, because I don’t know that much about wine. After all, parents usually read to their kids at bedtime, so what’s wrong with a little nightcap to take the edge off?

(1) Good Night Moon & Merlot – Because honestly half way through either one, I feel drowsy.

(2) Any OLIVIA book & a handle of Vodka – These books are long so … you know… better come prepared.

(3) I Am a Bunny & Port – The cozy warmth of the dessert wine brings out the cuddliness of the main character. Warning: Both of these things will make you want a bunny, like at a Lennie-pet-the-rabbits kind of level.

(4) Where the Wild Things Are & four shots of Patron – Also known as “Things Mommy and Daddy Did Before The Baby,” this bold match up provides a wonderfully weird and wild experience that you won’t remember

(5) Go the F**k to Sleep & a crisp Pinot Gris – I love both of these things, so this one’s a no brainer.

(6) A Ball for Daisy & a Martini – Hey, it’s 8’o’clock at night after you worked all friggin’ day and your four year old, after loosing her blanket for an hour, and refusing to brush her teeth because the toothpaste all of sudden tastes “funny,” now demands that you make up a brand new, hilarious and – of course - loooong story to accompany the images from this wordless picture book. Oh and there HAS to be a princess in it. Yea. You’re gonna need a stiff drink.

(7) The Watermelon Seed & Chardonnay – This simple summer-y coupling will leave you smiling, even if you have to read the book over and over (which you would even sober because it’s an AWESOME book).

(8) All the Elephant and Piggie Books & a six pack of Corona – Mo Willems recently ended this series so by the end of the last book, and the last beer, you’ll be teary eyed with the memories of the “good times.” Don’t forget the limes.

(9) Hypnosis Harry & Diet Coke – Honestly this one’s a shameless plug because I wrote Hypnosis Harry, and I pretty much live off of Diet Coke. Toss in a donut and we’re basically the same person.

(10) Any Book & Champagne – Why champagne? Because you read to your kids, which officially makes them better little humans. And that‘s worth a glass of bubbly. So celebrate, books open and bottoms up!

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Awesome, AWESOME writing tips

A great article by a fabulous artist (Fred Koehler) about leaving room for the illustrations in picture books - and it includes suggestions for a specific writing exercise. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NEW STORE - Midtown Reader

A new indie bookstore is opening in 
Tallahassee, Florida so - you know - YIPPEEE!!

For more information, please visit: 


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orlando Book Fair

Thank you Sarah Fisk and all the organizers at today's ‪#‎orlandobookfestival‬
What a fabulous event! 
(And looky! Some of the attendees were actually shorter than me - lol!)