Saturday, January 25, 2020

Write What You Know

Howdy (writing) partners! Just wanted to pop in with some blast-from-the-past pictures and a quick tidbit about picture book subject matter. 

This is me - circa 1980 - and one of the Brahman bulls on our family's farm. It was a little farm - but a busy one, filled with sounds (and smells!) that stuck with me. And it's exactly these kinds of childhood experiences that I have been mining for book ideas. So what inspired the walk down memory lane? 

Well for one thing I own half that farm now, and still make memories there. 

Secondly, I just attended a SCBWI conference and this message - write what you know - was a key theme. In other words, your stories should look in, not out. Be authentic, and mine your memories for (especially childhood) experiences that were both unique but also universal. 

Also, watch out for cow pies. 

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