Thursday, March 28, 2013

Greenleaf Book Group

According to their website: "Greenleaf Book Group is always looking for great new books Of course we must be selective; our company and our clients enjoy success in large part due to Greenleaf’s excellent reputation. However, we welcome all submissions and encourage first time writer’s to send in their work.”


  1. Victoria Strauss' Writer Beware blog says the following about Greenleaf: " I understand that different authors have different priorities and make different choices. However, the pay-to-publish model is very different from the commercial model, and has very different consequences. Authors need to go into it with their eyes open."

  2. Thank you for this Jayne - I try to avoid publishers with a vanity / self-publication vibe, so if that it applies here let me know and I'll delete this post and the Greenleaf Reference.