Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beyond Words

According to their website: “At Beyond Words, we’re looking for cutting-edge nonfiction books in the genre of Body, Mind & Spirit… We are accepting submissions in children and YA For: (1) The Power is Yours: Titles that foster and inspire kids' power to incite change and to expand and raise awareness. Can include subjects such as activism and entrpreneurism. (2) Hale and Hearty: Titles that nurture wellness and healthy living for the whole individual, especially as it pertains to self-image, self-esteem, and self-awareness (including conscious beauty, food/diet, art and healing, death/dying/grief). (3) Eye on the Prize: Titles that provide innovative ideas, practices, and goal-oriented actions about personal purpose and mission, responsibility, and mindfulness. Can include topics such as activism, entrepreneurism, and discovering a vocation, interest, or passion. (4) I Believe in a Thing Called...: Titles that allow young readers to explore and/or question traditional wisdom and spiritual practices, therefore, creating new hybrids of spirituality and beliefs. (5) Stranger than Fiction: Titles that embody, promote, and explore the above categories through fictional narrative.”

No picture books. Bummer.

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