Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I adore Sarita Rich

Reasons Why I Love My Illustrator Sarita Rich:

(1) She's sooooooo talented.

(2) She's a REALLY hard worker - wait until you read her post on Tara Lazar's blog. You'll see. She basically did the HYPNOSIS HARRY spread while giving birth. I can't even eat and watch TV at the same time. This woman makes humans and books simultaneously.

(3) She's extremely collaborative. Check out the above picture. That is stuff she sent to me to for my launch party. Amazing. And did you notice she drew ME on the pocket watch craft? And without wrinkles!?! And she sent me bookmark and coloring sheet files. Love that. Love her.

(4) She is smart and savvy at all this book stuff - from her emails to her website - she's a total pro.

(5) She laughs at my jokes. Always a plus.

Well there are many more reasons but you get the idea. So if you ever write a book - remember to trust the illustrator. Especially if she is Sarita.

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  1. AHHHHHHH! I. Love. This. It's just right! I laugh every time I read it because you are hilarious. Thank you for being a writer :)