Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have sad news friends, I just received an email from Stories for Children's Virgina Grenier, and she explained that "As of September 1, 2012, SFC Publishing, LLC will be closing the doors to future issues of Stories for Children Magazine. We had hoped for a gradual process of retiring Stories for Children Magazine, however reasons beyond our control have caused us to close sooner than expected. Our online community and website will stay active with Featured Guest interviews from new and unknown authors/illustrators; along with sharing a past title from one of our issues on the site each month. We also plan on producing a few anthologies from the best titles of Stories for Children Magazine in coming months/years and announcing Granny Award Winners from our past volume years.
The final issue, Stories for Children 2012 Back-to-School Vol. 5 Issue 3, will be published in September 2012."

What a shame. This publication was a great source for children and adults. I actually had a poem accepted for their 2012 Back-to-School issue and felt so honored.

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