Monday, March 26, 2012

James Patterson Makes A Good Point

A great point, actually - about the importance of children's books.

In a recent interview with CNN, author James Patterson said the following about getting kids to read: "It's a huge thing with me. Getting the books out, going to schools, talking to kids about how important it is for them to read so that they really become better human beings. I think at this stage in our civilization, I think books are probably the best place to get varying points of view on things, understand how other people think and live their lives and have more understanding and compassion for people. Obviously, if a kid can't read well by the time they get out of middle school, most likely they're going to have problems. It's just so much harder to go through school and get a decent job. The implications are huge. There are a lot of things we as individuals can't do much about. We can't solve global warming as individuals or health care problems, but as individuals, most of us can get our kids reading. We can do that."

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