Thursday, July 7, 2011

In a Jar beneath My Bed

Hello. I'm six. My name is Ted.
I have a jar beneath my bed.

The thing inside is really bad.
It misbehaved. It made me mad.

It has no hair and tiny hands.
It likes to bang on pots and pans.

It smiles a lot. It drools a little.
It's not allowed to eat peanut brittle.

It has two eyes but just one tooth.
It burps up spit. It's real uncouth.

It smells quite bad. It rarely sleeps.
It can't walk; it mostly creeps.

It did NOT go in easy. It put up a fight.
I had to shove with all my might.

Now don't you go telling mother.
She's actually likes my baby brother!

-Catherine Bailey

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